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    Automatically populate InDesign File with Data Entered into a fillable PDF form

    tara330 Level 1

      We have ads that are created as a template in InDesign. They are for distributor sponsored seminar newspaper ads. The distributors fill out a fillable PDF request form with the presenter's name, venue information, date, etc. and submit the form to us. Right now we are copying and pasting the information from the fillable pdf form into our InDesign ad template. We also created the fillable PDF form. It would be great if there was a way (similar to data mege) that you could automatically populate information into an InDesign template from fillable PDF form fields. I know you can export to .csv and do this via data merge, but for one ad at a time (we usually get 3-5 ad requests a week) it takes longer to do that then to just copy and paste from the PDF form. It would be great if you could just set up your variable data fields in InDesign and then just link the InDesign document to the fillable PDF where it recognizes the fields you are wanting to pull data from.