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    Upgraded from CS3 to CS5.5 and Adobe have left out my trademark font

    Jane in Shropshire Level 1

      I've just upgraded my 2004 Power Mac G5 to a new iMac, and from Tiger and CS3 to Lion and CS5.5. I'm upset to discover that Adobe have left out Adobe Jenson, which I've been using for my letterhead and business cards - and for my website. They want me to pay for it, but I can't afford another $200 (not even sure it's available in the UK!); plus I've been burned before by paying for extra fonts from Adobe only to find that they won't work when I upgrade.


      Does anyone know whether it'll be safe to transfer Jenson (and another CS3 fonts missing from CS5.5) over to my iMac? Adobe say it could mess up my new computer (and I had a nightmare time when I bought the G5 and ported fonts to it from my Mac OS8.6 machine, which ended in my having to wipe the hard drive after 2 months and start all over again).


      I thought I was playing safe by only using fonts that came with Creative Suite. I don't feel I can trust Adobe now. How am I supposed to use InDesign if the fonts I use are liable to go AWOL in a few years, and all my designs need reworking?


      Would be very grateful if anyone else has experience of this. Or any ideas on how to avoid similar problems in the future (preferably without having to stick to Times New Roman).

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In the older versions of the Creative Suite, fonts that were installed in the Suite were installed in a special location.


          Your best bet on a Mac is to install all the fonts you want to use in one of the standard Mac OS X font locations—usually Library > Fonts.


          I don't think you should have any problems to move the fonts you want from your Tiger computer onto your new computer and put them in that location. InDesign will recognize them immediately.

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