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    security changes in ADEP

    Dieter Dubai Level 1

      Maybe someone can give me the proper hint. Seems like with ADEP the security on a turnkey installation is more enhaned than before.


      When you skipdurcing the configuration Manager the question like what is the hostname and leave the standard 'localhost' it is getting funny if you try to reach the server after the IP changes or der FQN name.


      Simple you most likly need to edit the allow referer but somehow i did not get it to work. To get access via remote to my server i deleted the whole whitelist, the proposed editing of the settings by adding the new IP address with port 0 for http and https did not help. Also after the re-start of the document services i could not reach http//myhost:8080/adminui or http://myip:8080/workspace. only 'localhost' which i used during installation gives me access.


      Has anyone proper hints how to overcome this ?


      thank you