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    Derived swf files from multiple Flash Professional Projects in Flash Builder

    5Systems Level 1

      I have been looking around the net for a while now tring to find an aswer to this. I can't seem to find any real info in it.


      I want to be able have flash builder autabmaticly pull a swf file from one project in the workspace and put/update/derive that swf file into my bin-debug/custom_subdirectory  of anohter project.


      so for example, I have multiple projects in my workspace, all Flash Professinal projects (using a fla file)

      • ProjectA
      • ProjectB
      • ProjectC


      ProjectA is the main or shell applicaion, it will load other projects (B and C) into it via a swf loader. Can I set up flash buidler to look at Project B for example, and grab the bin-debug folder, and or just the swf file from the Project B bin-debug folder and place it into ProjectA's bin-debug/assets/swfFiles directory. 


      I have tried the Module approch, but since i am using a Flash Professinal project, with a fla file, this does not work.


      Can FB do this? if so How?