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    How to preview my timeline on a LED TV

    rexeve Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have just set up my new machine and today received delivery of a new LED TV for the purpose of playing back my project timeline. in my previous Windows XP setup I had a Matrox RTX 10 Capture card which allowed me to do this however when i tried to install it in my new system i found out that it wasn’t supported by Windows 7 and therefore no matter what i tried it wouldn’t install.


      Does anyone know if there is another way around this with my current system configuration? Or are there any cheap cards out there that you can recommend? i don’t want the card for capturing or editing i only want it for playing back my timeline.


      Hope this doesn’t sound too silly a question but i cant seem to find a solution.

      Any advice will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.



      PC Specs:


      Premiere CS5.5

      HP Workstation Z400

      Windows 7 Pro

      Nvidia Grforce GT 440 + HDMI Output

      2 X Asus 23inch monitor

      Kogan 24inch LED TV + HDMI, USB, SCART, PC-IN VGA, COAX, YPbPr, Video, L in, R in