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    localization strings not showing up in some components: buttons, form headings, menu bars, etc



      I've set up an application that works fine and I just localized it: english and chinese.

      I've set up the compiling preferences, created the properties files and loaded them into my components with fx:Metatag. Then I assigned the following to all labels and texts in MXML : {resourceManager.getString("MyBundle", "myResource")}.

      When I do a trace of the localized values, they all display in the console. So there is no problem with the loading or compiling.


      My problem is that the strings are not displayed on some components: buttons, form headings, and some others. However, it shows up correctly on form items, and some others.

      It seems that's a general problem with buttons. Their labels are all empty... (in english and in chinese)


      Is that a bug ?


      Thank you.