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    Defining several paths and finding the shortest route


      Ok, I need to write a program that is being used in the logistics department of a car company.


      I was given:

      - A database that contains information of parts

      - A map that shows the hall where the parts are being installed


      Purpose of application:

      - The user wants to be able to enter the part number of a certain part and then see that part on the map

      - The database I was provided with contains 3 locations per part:

      1. Origin.
      2. First stop.
      3. Second (final) stop.

        Upon selecting the part the user would like to inquire about, the 3 locations are shown on the map.

      - This is where it gets tricky: I would like to create a dot which represents a fork lift driver that goes from the "Origin" to the "First stop" and finally to the "Second stop" of the part selected. Since there are so many routes on the map, I would like the program to identify the shortest route. How do I go about doing this?


      Thank you.