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    Text Book Rich in Images to convert to E-Pub 420 pages YIKES!

    BluFthr Level 1

      Hello everyone, I am Praying for some help.  I am a publisher but have never used InDesign before.  I am on a Windows Vista Machine.  I am using CS5.5 download.


      I have a project before me of converting a 420 page Print version textbook that are in INDD files and I need to convert it to an EPUB for use on Ipad and other epub viewers.


      Before I get started on this AM I GOING TO HAVE TO go to each element of this book, page by page, to set it up?  Are there settings in INDESIGN that I can set before I bring the resident files in that will make this process easier?  WE want the book to have the same look and feel no changes to any of the layout, text, images other than in epub format for floating and we will be using TOC and Indexing with hyperlinks for navigation.


      Later on we will be adding video and audio clips.  Can anyone offer me a clean and clear concise way to inport these "PRINT FILES" into InDesign and then have the ability to lock down all elements so that they flow correctly in Epub for the ipad?  Is there a template out there that may be able to help me?  This is a daunting process for me.  All other ebook converters mostly show text conversions and this is truly IMAGE RICH.


      Thank you so much in advance for any help you can offer.