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    How to work with Premiere Pro cs5.5 and After Effects cs5 together?

    smishra767 Level 1

      I have edited my movie in premiere pro cs5.5 and made the rough cut. In premiere, i have edited the video, put in soundtrack and foley. Now, i need to add muzzle flashes & blood splatters in some scenes and final color correction using After Effects cs5.


      When i import the premiere project in AE and make the changes, and then i export it back as premiere project. When i open this prmiere project, it shows vaious kind of errors and no changes are retained that i did in AE. Also, when i import the premiere project (which has 4 different sequences) in AE, all the media that has been imported in the premiere project also opens in AE making it difficult to organize the media.


      How should i work now so that i add vfx and color correction using AE cs5?


      I thought of exporting the video from Premiere pro and then open the video in AE and add vfx to some scenes and color correction to the full video and render it out again. But, this is the first time i am using AE and i am not sure if this is the best way. PLEASE HELP.


      Or, i could import the whole project in AE, add vfx, do color correction AND then export to video from AE. But i think, it will be better if i export the video from Premiere as it has loads of options to choose from while exporting to a movie.

      The dynamic link does not work between Premiere Pro Cs5.5 and After Effects cs5. Even if it does, its not working on my pc.


      All the footage is in HD and i want the final result in best quality HD too. PLEASE Help!