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    Connecting to a SOAP/Java Service via WSDL and Web Service wizard


      Here is an example of the WSDL I am trying to connect to:



      Basically, it uses parameter objects to store multiple int or string values into placeholders in the objects. I've tested the service to be sure it was working correctly, however when I imported the service via the WSDL Web Service wizard - and just tried a simple form to get an idea of how it needs to look in Flex, I can't even the templated request work.


      Flex is saving the parameter as a param object, storing the id as an int inside the object - but both when testing the application in my browser and using the operation test, it is not returning anything at all, when it should be returning data based on the values I am sending.


      I was wondering if there might be any tutorials out there using WSDL Web Services import wizard, where the service is expecting a request with an object and expecting a response as an object. Or if there are some troubleshooting steps I might be able to take to solve this. Thanks!