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    Why is my word doc importing into CS5 without hyphenation?


      My import options tell it to use the existing Indesign paragraph style (which includes hyphenation). Hasn't been a problem until just recently. Trying to save us from fully applying every style sheet on files with 200+ pages.

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          You might need to describe your issue more carefully, perhaps with a screenshot or two - I'm just guessing about what is happening on your side. (E.g. how the heck did the Word file get styles named as in ID? Manual reconstruction? Exported RTF? One of our translation workflows relies on perfectly styled InDesign docs having all frames linked into one story, followed by RTF export, translation, and RTF re-place, which is why I am making the following guess.)


          However, that being said, here's my guess: You're placing a Word file in which hyphenation has been turned off manually in Word. So, those styles in which InDesign is failing to hyphenate should show up in your Paragraph Styles panel with a plus (indicating that there is an override, a case of local formatting diverging from the style). Is that what is going on? If so, a simple pre-place cleanup step in Word, in which hypenation is turned on by Select All followed by Tools -> Language -> Hyphenation -> Hyphenate Automatically will work, I think. Unless you have some styles in ID with hyphenation on, and others with hyphenation off - if that is the case then, um, there may be a way to fix your issue with just a few clicks, but I can't make reasonable suggestions without a skosh more background info.