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    video frames  are heard during play back in the audio line (but not on the DVD)

    Chris Nierop

      Another problem occurs( among lots of other annoying problems which are not solved yet).  Using PPRO 5.5 in two projects now and I am very dissapointed in the quality of this software comparing to PPRO 2.0. To many problems to mention here. It works and thats all.

      This is the new problem. When I play the project, the video frames "are heard" ( sounds like the old film projector transport) at low level in the audio signal together with the audio signal itself (at normal level)

      This is annoying during editing, but doesn't affect the results by burning on DVD.  Is that an normal situation?  In my old PPRO 2.0 not such a problem was there. Or is there something wrong.

      Thanks for replying