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    Can I convert a children's picture book to an ebook?

    loudiamond Level 1

      We have a few children's picture books that we want to make into ebooks. The books contain a front jacket, a Page 1 which is a single page, pages 2-31 (spreads), page 32 and a single back. Is there any way to faithfully reproduce these books into an ebook format viewable on tablets, ipods and  ereaders? The primary size of the spread is 10x20 so the single pages are 10x10. 

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          CtDave Level 6

          Something rather important - a eBook isn't a the hardcover or paperback vehicle for the content. Don't make the physical constraints of the latter two a determining design factor for your eBook.

          A typical eBook can be ePub or PDF (with the PDF processed for viewing via Digital Editions).

          There ae others (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_e-book_formats). Target one. Then make a study of it. Each will have much related information bob'n about like anchorage floats on the web.

          Do some research as to what authoring applications might best serve for digitally re-mastering of the content and then piping it out to the target eBook format.

          You've graphics (the illustrative elements). Look over applications that will let you 'work' this content and that can integrate in a manageable way with your selected authoring application.


          Adobe's provides various Creative Suites you might look over. Or look over InDesign CS 5.5 and Photoshop elements. Look over Calibre.

          Often, you applications' help files can be downloaded or viewed online for a review of what can be done and the process involved.


          You might consider a free account at Acrobat.com. This would provide use of the web app "Buzzword". You can build some "trials" containing text and graphics which can be piped out ePub.

          Look the ePub over with Calibre or an ePub viewing app on a tablet.

          Doing this might help develop a better sense of the basics of digital mastering of content and output to ePub.


          As well, do some web searches related to creating/publishing eBooks to see what web services are available.

          Make sure you understand the cost/fee parameters of those that may interest you.



          Be well...

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            loudiamond Level 1

            Thanks for the information. I guess I was looking for magic. I've used Calibre to convert from InDesign files that were converted to PDF's. It works but it doesn't convert everything exactly especially page number layout or text and graphic anchors. I have the Design Suite, and attempted to export the books to ePub format using InDesign 5.5. Again, it works but there are kinks. I need to dig more into the nuts and bolts of ID 5.5 and reformat each and every page. It isn't as easy as I was hoping (not that I expected it) so I'll get to work and use ID 5.5 the way it was intended. I found some videos on Adobe TV that are useful. If you know of any other tutorials or books on how to use ID 5.5 to make ebooks; send them my way if it isn't too much of a bother. Most of what I read is for novels which would be quite simple. Converting brochures or picture books is a bit more complicated and I am not that strong in using InDesign.

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              CtDave Level 6

              Don't overlook InDesign's Help. Always a good foundation.

              As InD CS5.5 is fairly "new on the street" a web search for something like "epub from indesign cs5.5" will provide the best spread of what is available.

              One resource from such a search:

              The Adobe Blog "Caveat Lector"

              (the fourth video (bottom))


              Happy reading -


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