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    Mandatory Tagging in CQ

    meaman Adobe Employee



      I want to force uploaders in DAM to tag their content, but adding the “allowBlank” Boolean as per the documentation does not seem to work.


      Here is the property I added:

      Added to Properties: Name = allowBlank / Type = Boolean /  Value = false    (save all)


      This is where I added it:



      Any suggestions?

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          Sham HC Level 7

          Please note adding the property at /libs/dam/content/asseteditors/image/formitems/tags will work as per documentation.  To verify edit the asset  by double click on any of the assets  that does not have tags from dam it fails to save and informs the mandatory field is missing. Also you will notice astrix * in the tags field.  Attaching the snapshot for reference.


          However to mandate the uploaders to mandate the tag I think you need to develop a component to custamize the file upload dialog to enter the tags field along with the workflow modification.


          Tag Mandatory.png

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            meaman Adobe Employee

            I did get it working, thanks. I was testing with PDF files and it turns out that the property for PDF is under /applications.


            Thanks again.