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    Revised file will now not export all content


      We have successfully created a book containing text and graghics and exported a pdf file to a publisher for review. The publisher accepted the pdf and sent us a proof copy.  After adding another layer of background to most of the pages of the original file that was successfully exported,  we now have several pictures that will not show up on the revised exported pdf.  These pictures appear to have all the correct link data and were exported in the original copy sent to the publisher.  Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.  We have tried relinking.  We have tried recreating the page.  We have re-placed all the photos to make sure they were linking properly... as in when you first put a picture in you "place" it and I have re-done that at least twice.  I have created a few different effects on some of the pages that are not displaying the pictures such as adding a basic feather to the outside edge.  No rhyme or reason as to why they are not showing up... these same things have been done to other pages with no problem.  I have looked at the display about the page and checked links and transparency and compared the pages that won't show up with the pages that do show up... I cannot tell any difference.

      Please advise what to do... I am at a loss and this last little bump in the road is really holding up my work!!

      I am wondering if it is adviseable to totally recreate all the pages again in a new file?  I would just copy and paste the current pages into the new file.  Would this work at all?

      Thank you so much...

      I appreciate your expertise in this matter!