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    iPhone 4S Video is Pixelated in Premiere Pro

    JoeGill1205 Level 1

      I'm trying to import video from a new iPhone 4S into Premiere Pro, but the quality is awful.  Every second or so the video pixelates pretty badly and it does so very rhythmicly over and over again.  The project settings are the defaults, and the sequence settings are AVCHD 1080p30 (although not sure why the seq settings would matter - video quality is poor as it shows up in source monitor window).


      I've tried several different methods of importing and I'm not all that familiar yet with Premiere.  I have noticed that indoors (with relatively good light) pixelates worse than outdoors in bright sunlight, but I'm still seeing it a little in sunlight as well.


      If I bring the footage into iMovie it looks fine, but who wants to edit in iMovie?



      Thanks in advance for the help!