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    Output Server stops processing files (seemingly) at random

    nmuleski Level 1

      We use Adobe Central Output Server to process Invoices/POs and the like from CommerceCenter (An Epicor/Prophit 21 product).  We have three isntances of it running on three seperate terminal servers.


      It has been working pretty well for years.  Sometimes it would fail to process a certain file or it would stop responding and need to be restarted, but nothing serious and never very often.


      Suddenly in the last couple of months it has stopped processing files at random during the day.  To get it to start again we have to open the Control Center and go to Control -> Start Server.  Then it will process everything in the queue just fine.  It has been happening on both of our older 2003 terminal servers fairly often (at least 4 times a week) and just happened for the first time on our new 2008 R2 terminal server.


      None of us here know much about Output Server and there is nothing in the Server log or the Event Viewer that indicates any sort of issue, so we are at a loss.


      I don't really even know where to begin as the documentation of the relationship between CommerceCenter and Output Server is non-existent.


      I'm really looking for any ideas... Maybe somebody has run into this issue before?