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    Blank White video preview and No Sound


      I know I should really do more research before posting something like this... but here's the deal:


      I just installed the program and I think my computer meets all the system requirements. It isn't exactly the newest computer, and it runs on windows XP with 4GB RAM and a GeForce 2.0 graphics card. (I think that's what it's called...)


      Anyway, I decided to try Premiere Elements 9 out. The startup took a while but went smoothly. All the features seemed to work OK, though with a little lag. (Still a breath of fresh air after using Windows Movie Maker) I imported an AVI video file recorded from the program FRAPS, placed it on the timeline, and tried to play it. The video played, but the preview box remained white, and there was no sound. (All audio levels were up, as was the audio on my computer.) I understand there are certain steps I should take to figuring out just what's causing this problem... I'm pretty sure all the windows updates are set. I downloaded Quicktime 7 for good measure. Not sure if I already had that or not. I also tried Adobe's "VideoRenderer.dll" fix file for this very program. None of these made any difference to the problem.


      I know there are other solutions. But I'm a fool and seem to need them spelled out for me. Could someone please try to walk me through the possible causes of this problem?