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    ? error messages and unable to install or remove Reader 9.3


      i have been trying for the last 3 days to sort out a problem that has developed installing Adobe Reader 9 on my Windows XP3 driven system.

      to date Adobe in the various Reader programs has worked wonderfully. in the last week i discovered unexpectely i was unable to open a PDF file and so i went investigating. i cleaned up [defrag etc] my compt, shut down virus stuff, discovered that Reader 9.3 was in my Program Files and in Add/Remove Prog but it had not been installed. i tried installing it, then i tried to instal reader 8, then reader 10 and not able to do it anywhichway , i tried removing it and the same. the contstant i keep receiving is an error message which i am unable to locate on your site. in desperation i made contact with mu ISP server and they sid i had to get help from you. the error message reads "Error 1327 Invalid Drive:E: \" then when i click OK it tries to install and next i receive" Fatal Error during installallation Reader 9.3"

      Please can someone help me