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    No audio on RAM preview - After Effects CS3


      I can't seem to get AUDIO in RAM previews with my current project.


      Scrubbing audio in the timeline works fine. But I hear no audio with RAM preview  (from menu, from control panel OR hitting '0' on the ext. keyboard), and no playthrough audio preview ('.' on the ext keyboard). I can see the color bars moving in the audio window during these previews, but hear no sound. I've tried .aiff, .wav and .mov files - all of which work fine in other projects.


      Here's the odd thing - if I open a previous project, audio preview works just fine in RAM and playthrough. I can preview my new audio files in the previous project, but not in a new project.


      Haven't upgraded, or changed any settings or defaults since the last project a month ago. Audio buttons are ON in preview menus and panels.


      Does anyone have an idea on what quirks or settings might be causing this?