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    Major Questions about Flash Paper 2.0

      Ok, I've been fiddling around with flash paper 2 over the last few days. Like it a lot for my non-technical users..however, I have a few questions. Hopefully someone can answer soon. Ok, I have a main swf and in there I'm using a script I found (person who wrote it, last name: Whitehouse) on the Net which allows me to load a flash paper file from within that main swf along with some control on some interface features. Here it is:

      onClipEvent (load) {

      // function: loadFlashPaper
      // ------------------------
      // Parameters:
      // path_s: path of SWF to load
      // dest_mc: Movie clip to hold the imported SWF
      // width_i: New size of the dest movie clip
      // height_i: New size of the dest movie clip
      // loaded_o: (optional) Object to be notified that loading is complete
      function loadFlashPaper(path_s, dest_mc, width_i, height_i, loaded_o) {
      var intervalID = 0;
      var loadFunc = function(){
      dest_mc._visible = false;
      var fp = dest_mc.getIFlashPaper();
      if (!fp) {
      } else if (fp.setSize(width_i, height_i) == false) {
      } else {
      dest_mc._visible = true; // Now show the document
      intervalID = setInterval(loadFunc, 100);

      // Function called once the FlashPaper SWF is embedded:

      function onLoaded(fp) {
      // We can now call the FlashPaper API functions.
      // Remove the standard user interface features:
      fp.showUIElement("PrevNext", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Print", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Find", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Tool", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Pop", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Zoom", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Page", false);
      fp.showUIElement("Overflow", false);
      fp.showUIElement("useHandCursor", false);
      // Some additional API features (here commented out):
      // Go to page:
      // fp.setCurrentPage(3);
      // Change the magnification to 50%:
      // fp.setCurrentZoom(50);

      // Now we're ready to start

      // Create the destination movie clip to hold the SWF:
      var theDocMC_mc = _root.labserviceworkclip;

      // Position it on the stage:
      theDocMC_mc._x = 15.4;
      theDocMC_mc._y = 211.8;
      //theDocMC_mc.useHandCursor = false;
      // Load the FlashPaper SWF into the clip,
      // size it, and trigger the onLoaded() function:
      loadFlashPaper("labservicework.swf", theDocMC_mc, 730, 510, this);



      Now, is it possible to:

      1.) Remove the hand curser?
      2.) Remove the Flash Paper splash that appears before the swf is loaded? Maybe replace it with loader bar?
      3.) Control color of scrollbar (like you can on flash components)
      4.) The main swf is set to transparency, but if make background color in Word doc a color, that color does not show up. Why?
      4.) In Word, I want to create multiple pages that appear seamless when scrolling down in the swf file. however, can't to get that to work. Has anyone tried this? I'm open to any option such as using tables inside my Word docs (am trying that now but still not working).
      5.) I created an 8 page document in Word 2003 and saved it as swf BUT am getting this "Printer Failed.." response. If I do pages smaller in number, works fine. What's going on with that. I also have installed CutePDF installed..could that be screwing it up?
      6.) I want to include anchors inside the swf file so that at the click of a button, I can automatically move the scroll up or down. Any idea how to do that?
      7.) I want to inlude links inside the swf file to navigate to different frames inside main swf. Is that possible?
      8.) When creating hyperlinks in Word to swf file, (yes, I chose correct target frame), the page doesn't appear to open into a new window. What's up with that?