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    -use-network=false, FLV wouldn't play


      I have the following problem people... Would be extremely grateful for any help!


      (mind you, before posting this question I've thoroughly googled it and made an extensive search through this very forum, as well as some others)


      The situation is as follows:


      - I have an app written under Flash Builder 4.5, which, among other things, outputs an external SWF to a panel and an external FLV to VideoDisplay. The app works with local file system, i.e. -use-network=false;

      - I have 2 operating systems running, a WinXP on a virtual machine + a Win7 on the host machine. I'm developing the thing under XP, but testing it under Win7;

      - besides that, one of my colleagues is kind enough to let me test the app on his computer from time to time; he's running Win7.


      I get the following results:


      - whenever I try to put the app + the resource files (meaning SWF + FLV) into any folder / hard disk / USB drive of the colleague's PC, everything works fine: both the FLV and the SWF are displayed properly;

      - whenever I try to put the app + the resource files into any folder / hard disk of my WinXP, I get the same good results;

      - whenever I try to put the app + the resource files on a USB drive (under both my WinXP and Win7), or into any folder (sic!) / drive of my Win7, the external SWF is displayed properly, while the attempt to display the external FLV results in the media player state being set to PLAYBACK_ERROR.


      I've decided to start with the USB problem under my XP (where otherwise the app runs perfectly); tried messing around with the global settings of my flash player, adding the USB root, as well as each folder on the path to the FLV file, to the "trusted" group. It had no effect unfortunately.


      I've also tried migrating the whole project to the USB drive and then moving the resource files to bin-debug/, to no tangible effect.


      The colleague's PC handles all those cases properly, which makes me extremely confused.


      I'd be grateful for any ideas and/or insights you might have.