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      So where are we? There are so many posts on this problem, somtimes with conflicting answers.


      All of a sudden I got the message, "User not authorized..." and most, not all, of the books in ADE showed a warning icon. I deactivated the computer,uninstalled, took 2 keys out of the registry, and reinstalled. Same warning. So now my question is, is thyere something that Barnes & NotsoNoble has done with DRM?


      • I can download infinate new files of the books I bought, but do they have different 'electronic signatures" then?
      • Should B&N content show up in ADE now?; the Nook works fine.
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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I think you're on the right track.  Amazon and B&N have set up their

          'systems' to be proprietary.  ADE does not recognize or handle B&N content.

          If you have ebooks that you've downloaded from B&N to your Nook - bypassing

          ADE - then you should be able to read them with no issues.  I think you may

          have moved or downloaded ebooks from B&N via ADE to your computer, and that

          would account for the warnings you're getting.


          By way of editorializing, digital rights management is its own world.  Adobe

          Content Server is used the same way by 'most' ebook sites - except Amazon

          and B&N.



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            GeoffreyWoodget Level 1

            Thanks for replying!


            I understand some of what you're saying.


            Yet is this a recent thing? I used to have TONS of B&N content, mostly samples, 2 years ago when I first got this (ver1 Nook).


            As far as downloading; I go to 'My Nook' at B&N, mouse over my listed book, choose download (it doesn't show up in ADE), and save it to a folder I've created, just to contain files. Then I plug in my Nook to the computer and drag & drop the file onto the Nook bookshelf icon. This is when I get the warning.


            Sooo...is my problem here still valid with your explaination?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              As long as you use your Nook by connecting to B&N  they way you describe,

              you'll be able to continue to download ebooks from them.  However, ADE does

              not support the way that B&N has implemented DRM and also some of the quirks

              that B&N has built into its version of ebook files.  I don't go back to the

              beginning of ereaders (which was more than ten years ago), so I can't say

              that it's been this way always, but that's what you're dealing with now.


              I get the sense that you are using ADE more as a library management system

              and backup for your current Nook.  That's not working with B&N content for

              the reasons above.  ADE will support content on the Nook if you download it

              from another website.  You'd have to download the material into ADE first,

              and then transfer it to the Nook.  And the Nook would have to be authorized

              to ADE, which you could do independently, and leave your current B&N setup

              unchanged.  Check out the Help section of ADE ( the usual F1 key ) to get

              the appropriate keystrokes to do that.  If you go this route, you'll have

              more than one source for ebooks!


              Hope this helps!


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                GeoffreyWoodget Level 1

                It does help...kinda. lololol


                My computer is authorized with ADE. My Nook is Authorized with ADE.


                I can download library books to ADE and transfer them to my Nook.


                Now...yes, I guess I am using ADE for a management system more than for a reader. So if I buy from say, Borders, that should work the way I have it set up now?


                ~Above is last question...honest! (prolly)

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  Yes, Borders works (personal experience).  Others that work are (but are not

                  limited to) WH Smith, Gutenberg.org, and Manybooks.net.  IOW, most other

                  sources that have adopted .epub and .pdf formats using Adobe Content Manager

                  for their DRM will work with ADE.



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                    I think that's a common problem, many people have encountered.so we must clear that ADE supports epub and pdf with ade drm or no drm.

                    if you ebooks are not epub or pdf ,you should convert it to pdf or epub,but another question,if ADE can't read your pdf or epub,we can sure they

                    have protected by other drm,like kindle and nook.

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      This post and any others by this person are advertisements for his own

                      software.  Advertising is not allowed on this forum.


                      Please keep in mind that removal of DRM copyright protection is illegal.



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                        epuborangel Level 1

                        oh,sorry,If you think my comments bother you, very sorry.