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      So where are we? There are so many posts on this problem, somtimes with conflicting answers.


      All of a sudden I got the message, "User not authorized..." and most, not all, of the books in ADE showed a warning icon. I deactivated the computer,uninstalled, took 2 keys out of the registry, and reinstalled. Same warning. So now my question is, is thyere something that Barnes & NotsoNoble has done with DRM?


      • I can download infinate new files of the books I bought, but do they have different 'electronic signatures" then?
      • Should B&N content show up in ADE now?; the Nook works fine.
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          GeoffreyWoodget Level 1

          It does help...kinda. lololol


          My computer is authorized with ADE. My Nook is Authorized with ADE.


          I can download library books to ADE and transfer them to my Nook.


          Now...yes, I guess I am using ADE for a management system more than for a reader. So if I buy from say, Borders, that should work the way I have it set up now?


          ~Above is last question...honest! (prolly)

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            I think that's a common problem, many people have encountered.so we must clear that ADE supports epub and pdf with ade drm or no drm.

            if you ebooks are not epub or pdf ,you should convert it to pdf or epub,but another question,if ADE can't read your pdf or epub,we can sure they

            have protected by other drm,like kindle and nook.