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    Text Moves When Zooming/Printing


      Hi everyone,


      My wife is going to school for graphic design and is having a huge problem with InDesign. When placing text in very precise locations, the text moves when she zooms in/out significantly. Even when it shows the text being in the perfect location at 100% (although it is not perfect when zooming in or out), it will be moved when the file is exported as a PDF or printed. Needless to say this is causing major problems for her. We have already reset the program preferences with no luck. She is using the Design Premium CS5.5 version of InDesign on a MacBook Pro with OSX Lion.


      As a side note, I tried the same tasks on my Windows 7 PC with Design Standard CS5 with no problems. We compared the program settings and made sure there were no differences but it still happened on her Mac. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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          Michael Gianino Level 4

          What is the text moving in relation to? Is it actually moving, or does it just look like it's moving, based on what you see on the screen? Can you, for example, zoom into one view percentage and print, then zoom to another percentage and print, then compare the two printouts to confirm that something actually moved? Also, if you could post some screenshots, that might help. Use the camera icon to upload the images.

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            backslash23 Level 1

            Hi Michael,


            Thanks for the quick response! She is trying to place a line of smaller text on one of the crossbars (not sure if that's the right name) of a large "E." She zooms as far in as possible to place the bottom of the smaller type exactly on the top of the crossbar. This is the same method that she uses in Illustrator with no problems; however, in InDesign the type moves up or down from the crossbar at different zooms. The printing doesn't reflect the zoom percentage since it is printing a set document size—not the zoomed in image. This is what's strange because I figured that if I made the document look correct at 100% then it would print okay, but it still printed with a gap between the smaller text and the crossbar of the E.


            Also, when my wife creates a guide that is aligned with the E and places the smaller type on the guide, the type doesn't move. Although this seems to solve the problem, it is obviously not something that she should have to worry about. I will definitely post the screenshots but will have to do it tomorrow. Thanks again for the response!



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              Michael Gianino Level 4

              My guess was (and is) that you are just seeing the inaccuracies of your monitor. If you zoom in as close as is practical and place something, it is unlikely to move, even if it appears so at a wider view. If you print it out and there is a gap, zoom back in and move the items closer together.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                I suspect Michael is correct. I was going to suggest adding an outlined E and putting the text on the path, but unless the large E is isolated, it will be at least as much of a problem to position the oulined copy, so it may not be a help. It is worth, considering, though, if the E, or the word containing it, is isolated in a frame of its own. Copy, then "paste in place" to positType on a Path tool to set the smaller texxt directly on the edge of the E. Group the two frames when finished.

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                  Grant H Level 4

                  And enable anti-aliasing in ID preferences (under display performance)



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                    backslash23 Level 1



                    At first I was thinking the same thing (monitor display problems), however, I have zoomed in as far as possible (4000%) and lined the type up exactly on the line. Then when I print, a small gap (~1/16 inch) is there similar to what is displayed when I zoom out. I'll make sure to post the screen shots later today.




                    The E is already by itself in its own frame. My wife has not tried grouping the items once they are positioned. I will try this a post back on the results.




                    Unfortunately anti-aliasing is already enabled.



                    Thanks everyone for your responses. I will post back with screenshots and the results of grouping the items later today. Thanks again.



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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      The grouping was simply suggested to make a single unit out of the two objects so they would of necessity move together if repositioning is required. The important part of my suggestion was the text on a path and using an exact copy directly on top of the E.

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                        backslash23 Level 1

                        Hi everyone,


                        I'm really sorry for the delay. I took screenshots at each zoom where the type shifted. Here are the screenshots:











                        The reason that I don't believe it is simply monitor inconsistencies is due to the fact that whether I align the type at 4000% or 100%, the print still doesn't match the on-screen display. If I align at 100%, the print is still off by the same amount as these screenshots. Thanks again for your help.



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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          It certainly LOOKS like the frame is shifting, but the y-coordinate has not changed from view to view. If you drop a guide wherre you want the baseline, what do you see when you change zoom?