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    How to use ProgressBar with RemoteObject?




      I'm working with RemoteObject.

      I'd like to use a ProgressBar object during the data loading. Browsing internet and this forum I couldn't find any useful answer. Up to 2010, it seems it was not possible.

      Nowaday is there any news?


      It should be enought to work with the progressbar in "manual" mode, using the setProgress() method, but I don't know how to call the method during the data loading several times (simulating the data loading and without the percentage visualization).


      My idea is:


      1) Open a progressbar

      2) run the remoteobject data loading

      3) increase the progressbar for a few seconds with the setProgress() method

      4) after the data loading, remoteobject runs the result method. Inside it, I close the progressbar


      Is this a possible right way? If so, I don't know hot to manage the step n.3. How I can run the setProgress() several times (4-5 times) method during the data loading? A timer?


      Any other better and "ELEGANT" solution?


      Thank you