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    Rollover bug in 10.1.1? and where to download 10.1.0?


      There appears to be a bug in Adobe Reader X 10.1.1 for Macs. Rollover states of buttons don't work, they just flash temporarily and go immediately back to the UP state. The click state works fine. Am assuming this is not the way buttons should behave and therefore most likely to be a bug. Since the images in my PDF ebooks are before-afters of retouching, based on rollover buttons this ruins the whole book. It works fine in 10.1.0 on the same machines. So far we have had 2 support cases on this but am expecting a barrage!


      We have tried to download from the Adobe site but am always taken to 10.1.1 so if you know of a link to earlier versions this would be a temporary workaround. Please Adobe have a look at this and release a new fixed update asap!