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    Please Help installing Flash player - flashplayer 10 disappeared?


      Hi, Can anyone help??? I had downloaded Flashplayer 10 prob month or two ago. We went to watch a prog on I.player and told flashplayer not installed!!! Dont know where it went as we never uninstalled it????


      For days I have been trying to install Flash player 11. But its not working. I have been through the online trouble shooting guide so many times. I am using Windows XP (32bit), I believe. Im not very computer literate


      Most of the time, I get to the stage where Adobe black screen says to close 'Internet Explorer' and 'Retry'. This I do and then I am getting "General Installation Error".


      On one occasion I did receive the Error: The Flash Player ActiveX control could not be registered. I went through the guide again and think that has been sorted. but I do not understand anything about 'Windows System Registry Entries'...  Sorry guys - a real computer dum dum