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    Embedding LiveCycle forms within Java UI



      we are using Adobe Acrobat 9 to create Livecycle Forms.

      Is there a way to EMBED LiveCycle forms in browser based Applications (Java, .Net etc).



      We want to display the LiveCycle form inside an existing browser based UI, and want to store the information entered by the user by calling a web service.

      Is this possible ?

      thanks in advance


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          pguerett Level 6

          An LC form is just a PDF and as such a viewer program needs to be present to display it. Typically Reader or Acrobat is on the users machine and your app can bring up a frame and load that PDF in a version of the viewer as an ActiveX control (this associtaion is made by the use of the mime type).


          Being able to submit that information through a web service is possible but the ability to call web services from Reader is a restricted feature...so you woudl have to Reader extend the form using LiveCycle Reader Extensions server. If your users are using Acrobat this is not a requirement.


          Hoep that helps


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            You can embed PDFs (Including LC) inside a < iframe />.


            Also, you will need to parse the XML based LC form data, called XDP data.


            For more information on how to populate, merge and parse PDF Form data, XDP, check out: