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    Correct path for dynamic loaded html text

      I have a dynamic text box that is set up to accept html text from an extenal txt file. This works great on its own. But when I try to load the swf(which has the text box) into my main mc no text shows up! The scroll bar is there but no text??? Is this a path issue for the loaded text? I have attached the code that works on its own. I am sure it is an easy fix, but i have been struggling with it. An extra set of eyes would be great.

      scroller.html = true;
      myLoadVar = new LoadVars();
      //load the contents of the text file into the LoadVars object
      //check to see if the loading is completed and, if so, put the contents in the text field
      myLoadVar.onLoad = function(success) {
      if (success == true) {
      scroller.htmlText = myLoadVar.myText;