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    audio playback and scrubbing problems in CS5.5 and elsewhere


      This strange problem appeared first thing this morning. If I open a wav file in the preview window of Prem CS5.5. it will not play back in real time or scrub. The same problem then spreads to all avi files. However, if the same audio or video files are placed on the timelime they will play back. This playback problem is not restricted to Premiere. Audio then will not play back in Real Player or on the internet. Also, I can no longer play back audio projects in Sony Acid. So this issue is obviously wider than simply a Premiere problem. However, I thought I would seek an answer here first, in case any reader has come across a similar problem and can guess the cause.


      A full reinstall of CS 5.5, Matrox utilities, sound drivers, and a system restore to the earliest point available (10 days ago)  has not solved it. I have checked for viruses and found none. I have removed all fresh software installed in the last 2 weeks. The problem occurs in all my current Premiere projects. I noticed it first when I imported an mp3 audio music file from a music library, so I suspected it might be a rogue file. However, after removing the suspect file from the project and rebooting, the problem returned with other audio files from safe sources.


      Any suggestions please...I have lost a day's work trying to solve this!