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    cfcookie help

    RichieWhite Community Member

      If I set a cookie from www.mydomain.com and set a cookie with the same name at mydomain.com - it will show as 2 different cookies (one for each site).


      How can I let coldfusion know those are the same locations and not 2 different cookies? As it is now, my site works if they use the www. but doesn't work without the www.



      Thanks for your help.

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          Owain North Community Member

          You need to use the DOMAIN attribute of the CFCOOKIE tag to set the domain you want to set the cookie for - make sure it's always set for mydomain.com regardless of the URL they're browsing to and it'll be available at all times.


          You might want to consider just using a rewrite engine to redirect people from the non-www site whenever they browse it if it's causing a problem.

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            12Robots Community Member

            Actually, to do this properly you need to set the cookie with domain=".mydomain.com". Notice the dot (.) at the beginning of the value. This tells the browser to use that cookie for the domain and every host/subdomain of that domain.



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              RichieWhite Community Member

              What will that do to my local testing? I'm using cookies for logins.

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                12Robots Community Member

                If your local testing domain is local.mydomain.com then it will work fine. If your local testing is some other domain (like localhost) then it will not work. 


                I recommend trying to make your local domain something like local.mydomain.com. It's quite easy t do if you are using Apache or IIS.



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                  insuractive Community Member

                  Otherwise, you can always resort to creating an environmental-aware application variable to store the domain string based on what environment (local, production) the code is executing in.