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    Mac: annoying Title Tool error

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I get this message when opening the Title tool and every time I double click one to edit.  I dismiss it, and then the TT functions normally.  Is there a fix?  (Trashing Prefs doesn't do it.)


      Premiere Pro has encountered an error.








      What's the deal about "Mulder?"  Engineers X-Files fans?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Does this happen in a new project and new sequence? Or does it only happen in a specific project or specific sequence?


          It appears that the line of code that the error refers to is telling me that the width of the frame being passed in is 0. This makes me think on the surface that there's something funny about your sequence settings.


          And, yes, there are various sub-versions of Premiere Pro that go by internal names from The X-Files. Before that, it was mostly Buffy the Vampire Slayer references.

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            Jim Curtis Level 3

            Hi Todd,


            I get this error any time I invoke the TT; new project, old project, HD, SD, web sized, doesn't matter.  My sequences lately have been 720x486 wide screen, 720x1280, and most recently 640x360, that will be seen only on the web.  Nothing super funny about them. 


            But, now you gave me an idea.  I created a new title that was 439x1277 - which is a very funny size... and I DID NOT get the error message.  I made another 10x456, and I did get the error message.  Curious.  But, you may be onto something about it being related to the size of the title.


            I forgot to mention this is with PrCS5.5.

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              FYI, I just updated to 5.5.2, and I'm still getting this error message when invoking a Title, except that "Mulder" has been replaced with "Ringo."

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                Same here. I just updated as well and I am getting the Ringo error.