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    Day 2: Introducing RPC Solution File Errors - You can't follow along with the presentation!!!

    CFMLGuru Level 1

      There are three minor problems in the Solution Files that are provided in the Windows Zip Downloads. 


      1. The ex2_05_web_solution.mxml file contains an incorrect wsdl reference
      2. The ext2_05_remote_solution.mxml file contains an incorrect source reference
        • This is the reference provided on line 82 (source="f45iaw100.remoteData.employeeDat")
        • This needs to be corrected, as the a is missing in employeeData.  The following should be the new source reference (source="f45iaw100.remoteData.employeeData")
      3. The ext2_05_http_solution.mxml file contains an incorrect url reference


      Thank you very much for putting these together.  I am greatly benefiting from this training and appreciate the extra effort that Adobe puts into these training videos so that we can pick up on the newer technologies pretty quickly.