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    Import to Word

      In a Word document I imported into RoboHelp, my cross references imported as Cross Reference (not inline cross reference) style. When I define this style in the Word template to be the desired color (eg. royal blue), it doesn't import with the desired color, even if I define a style in the style sheet with the same properties. If I locally format the cross references in the Word doc and then import, they import properly. Can you explain how this works, and if there's any way to change all the cross references in the OLH after they've been imported to the required color? (I could change the properties in the style sheet, but the problem is that though it shows up as Cross Reference style, the style doesn't seem to work properly - I need to apply another style and then reapply it, before its truly the Cross Reference style. I don't want to have to manually reapply that style to each Cross Reference)