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    Desperately need help from javascript programmers: updating header of numerous files


      The situation is:

      I work on projects with a numerous amount of pdf files. These are scanned letters which are all numbered with a T-number (T for temporally) and then a number, for instance T0001, T0002 and so on, in the header.

      I do this numbering with the batch processing tool, using the sequence ‘Update header’. The files alle have the Tnumber in the filename like FileName T0001.pdf and so on.


      Once the project is closed the files have to be re-numbered. This can be more than 1000 files!


      I’m looking for a javascript which opens the file and updates the header with the new number which is in a (access) database, but it can also be an excel file of course.

      In this database the column Tnumber and Defnr are defined. In the header of the pdf file the Tnumber has to be replaced by the Defnr. (4 digits).

      Then the files needs to be closed and saved as a new file with this DefNr  added in the filename: So it looks like: FileNameT0001_0001.pdf.


      Who can help me writing this script so I can copy this into a sequence (batch processing) using the command execute javascript.


      I would be very greatfull if someone could help with this!!


      Regards JdV