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    Application Alert

    DaleJ69 Level 1

      I am attempting to apply usage rights to several forms but I keep receiving the same error.


      The Reader Extensions ES2 software applies the usage rights fine, I click on "download" and locate the drive I wish to save on. The downloading bar appears and after a few second I get the following error:


      Application Alert


      The file could not be saved.

      Are you sure you want to lose your results?


      It does not matter if I chose a network drive or my local PC. The error is the same.


      Any ideas on what may be causing this? Has anyone else had this issue.





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          pguerett Level 6

          I have not seen that error before ...could it be a setting in your brower that will not allow the download? I assume that you have rights on the file loacation to write the file.



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            DaleJ69 Level 1

            I passed the issue onto our Web Analyst. He tried rebooting our Jboss server first but that did not work. He ended up retarting the whole server and that worked. He suspects some components may have timed out or were hanging.