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    Encoding Video


      I go through my video and set luminosity and color in Premiere Pro 5.0.  Then I export the video using Adobe Media Encoder.  The problem is in my timeline the video is perfect as far as luminosity is concerned.  Once I encode the video it seems to have a much higher contrast, to the point of being too much!  It does not seem to matter what codec I use.  Could someone tell me what I am missing / doing wrong?  Thanks!!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          How are you determining "the video is perfect" in the timeline?  You do realize you can't use PP's built in monitors for this?  You need a properly calibrated external monitor for correct and accurate color work.


          And then I'd ask how are you judging the export?  You do realize you can't watch it on a computer for this?  You still need that properly calibrated TV for correct and accurate viewing of exports.



          The problem is largely without that properly calibrated reference monitor, there are a lot of variables which interfere with accurate display of the media.

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            I'm guessing that you are exporting to a QuickTime format and/or playing the result in QuickTime Player. QuickTime has some serious problems with gamma shifts.


            So, what format and codec are you exporting to/with?

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              JiDurant427 Level 1

              Thanks for the response.  I am talking about luminosity; let’s just forget color right now.  I am judging “perfect” using the YC Waveform scope.  I keep my brightest whites below 90 and my darkest blacks above 8.  Mid-tones are not a concern.   The monitor I use is calibrated using an Eye One Match 3.  I normally export to h.264 or wmv.  Now the kicker to me is this.  When I look at the clips in the timeline they look fine as far as contrast and they are within the settings described above in the YC Waveform scope.  After they are rendered they have more contrast and I am looking at them on the same monitor!  So are you telling me it’s the player? 

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                It could very well be the player.  Software players can affect the display parameters like brigthness, contrast, saturation, tint, etc.