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    Your opinion on deciding on either a GTX 560 ti, 570, 580 or 590 card to buy.

    nados Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have read a number of posts on the current CS5 compatable cards but i still have a ew questions before deciding what to buy.  I want to make sure i get the right card(s) the first time.  I have a W7 x64, i7920 processor with 12gb of ddr3 ram.


      I do mostly industrial videos with at most 2 to 5 video layers and some boris Red 5 effects and transitions. I like to use movement and drop shadows on inset images and text.  I also do a little 3D animation using Lightwave 3D.


      My question is on which graphics card would be most appropreate for this type of work allowing me render previews quickly and to play the time line in real time or near real time.


      Would one or two GTX 560 ti, 570, 580 or 590 be sufficient or would i need something more powerful?