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    User Input to control animations


      I’m a newbie to Flash and to this site. 

      I have an idea for a simple game/program and not sure if Flash is the way to go.  After reading many articles I’ve come to the conclusion that if I wanna make my idea a reality then I need to do it myself but not sure where to start. 

      Before spending the money on buying cs 5.5 want to make sure it can do what I need. 

      So my question is can you have users input data that would then control your animations? 

      For a simple example:

      I want a user to be able to input a number then depending on the number a certain animation sequence would occur.  So say a user inputs the number 10 then my animation would walk over to a pile of say apples and pick up 10 apples.  If they input 5 the animation would pick up 5 apples etc…. 

      So my idea has nothing to do with apples but revolves around the user inputting numerical data which would then control what the animations do.  Is CS 5.5 the way to go?  If not can you recommend a better program for my needs. 

      I’m very new to all this so any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What you describe wanting to do is well within the capabilities of Flash.  In general, if you can imagine a control strategy, chances are it is doable with programming/Flash.


          Save yourself some money to start with and get the latest version for a 30 day trial.  That should give you time to get some idea of how the software works.  Even if you have a programming background, there is a learning curve that comes with using Flash, so getting the trial version at least gives you a chance to test the water.

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            TantrumAZ Level 1

            Ned thanks for the reply. 

            I’ve never done any programming or animation design in my life so I’ll be starting from scratch.  I just downloaded the free trial and have started pouring over tutorials on utube.  What I’m finding is that I have a long road in front of me.  Ha!!  But I love a good challenge and this one will be huge.  The idea of putting what’s running through my mind into a working program that others could benefit from is simply too amazing to pass up.  Gotta go for it!!!

            I’m so fired up I can’t even sleep

            Wish me luck


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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Best of luck