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    Javascript - How to turn off CSS "a:hover image" when Swap Image is present?

    cdeldridge7 Level 1

      I'm currently using the following CSS to highlight a linkable image:


      a:hover img {

          border: none; overflow: hidden; float: left;

          border: 3px solid #2d3262;

          margin: -3px;

          border-radius: 5px;



      This way I don't have to make rollover images for every single image I have that has a link. However, I have a lot of images that have rollovers and I don't want this border to affect them. I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I tried using an "if" javascript statement, but nothing seems to work. Anyone know how to write a script to negate the "a:hover image" on all of the "MM_swapImage"? Thanks...