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    how: moving individual anchor points & not whole path

    Suzume Tori Level 1

      I'm used to working with the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, so Illustrator is just different enough to be problematic, since my automatic keyboard shortcut uses don't quite work. My biggest problem when drawing paths in Illustrator is that I can't figure out how to move individual anchor points without moving the entire connected path. I'm sure there's something stupid that I'm missing -- I'm not using the direct selection right, or I don't have the rest of the path deselected properly, or something? But if someone could walk me through how to move only individual anchor points in a path, I would be much obliged. (I am very tired of trying to move anchor points and ending up scooting the entire path along with it.)


      General Information:

      Windows Vista (relevant only for keyboard shortcuts, I suppose)

      Illustrator CS2