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    Despite having AIR3.0 and FlashPlayer 10.1 installed on android emulator,  not able to show a SWF

    learningFlex5000 Level 1

      a) I tried to view a SWF in a HTML file using  WebView. I see a message asking to get Flash Player. Somehow, the emulator is not able to find Flash Player it is installed in the emulator.

          BTW I am using Android SDK 2.3


      b) I create a mobile app using Flex 4.5.1 and installed the apk on android. The app has one view that shows SWF in a local HTM file using StageWebView. I was able to test the app using Flex's emulator.

         But in the android emulator, when I get to the view that shows the local HTML file - it asks for FlashPlayer to be installed.


      Any leads??