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    MAJOR BUG - CS5 Library Renaming Issues

    gabrielv70 Level 1

      I posted about this before but it hasen't been resolved and I'm running into it again.

      I also found another side affect of this bug.


      In a large library where none of the items are on the stage, if you rename a movie

      clip or folder the items rename, but a duplicate is created with the old name.

      Below, I renamed the Movie Clip by adding  _test to the end.


      The duplicate or the new name may be an empty MovieClip that you can not access


      This also corrupts the timeline of the Movie Clip by creating duplicates of the existing layers.



      Q suggested dragging the items to the stage before renaming as a workaround.

      This seems to keep them from duplicating but I found that the Timeline still becomes corrupted.