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    CFCs and Application.cfm in CF 8


      We recently upgraded our development server from CF 7 to CF 8.0.1 and all of our wsdl services stopped working. We eventually tracked the problem to CF processing the site's Application.cfm file after processing the CFC.

      For instance:

      Calling http://sitename/cfc/component.cfc?wsdl would generate the WSDL XML followed by the output from the sites Application.cfm file. Since the Application.cfm file generates a standard HTML DOCTYPE declaration, any XML parser would throw an error saying there were two DOCTYPE declarations in the file.

      The "solution" we found that fixes this is to create a blank Application.cfm file in the same directory as the CFC.

      This behavior is new in CF 8. We have the exact same CFCs on a CF 7 box and this does not happen.

      At this point, we have two questions:

      1.. Why this change?

      2.. Is our solution the correct one or is there something else we should do to work around this problem?