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    How to synchronized video playback in Flex


      I'm wanting to make a Flex based application that would play a video on several different computer screens in sync with each other (so the exact same frame would be showing on all screens at the same time). I am planning that it would be an AIR application (it does not have to run in a browser) and that the video files would probably be local on each machine. The VideoDisplay component doesn't allow frame precision controls (you can't seek to a specific frame nor move a certain number of frames forward or back), it does not have any way to adjust the playback speed, and there is a delay after you seek and call the play() function before the video actually starts playing (I believe this is due to buffering). I know that the seeking is based on jumping to a keyframe and that the keyframe frequency is set when the video is encoded, but I don’t think it’s realistic to set a keyframe at every frame because this would result in large, poor quality video files.



      Is there a Flex/Flash video component that would give me more precise control?  Or any input on how a video playing in perfect sync on multiple computers could be achieved in a Flex app would be appreciated.



      Thank you.