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    SWFLoader - Imported SWF files, non-visible content being displayed, need clipping, masking, bounds


      I'm importing SWF created in CS5 Flash Professional.  I have a nice animation with various objects that fly in and out fo the visible area in Flash.  The SWF file plays correctly in Flash player, in an HTML, etc.


      The problem - when I import the SWF into FLEX using SWFLoader - the objects outside the visible stage area come into view.  I completely loses the intent of the animation. 


      Need:  Need the imported content to just display the visible stage area like Flash Player, etc.


      Have been trying to look at Explicit Height, With, Scale.  So far no luck.


      Have been reading forums and saw where someone is trying to put SWFLoader in a Canvas and than mask the Canvas display.....no luck yet.



      I'm sure this is a common task and I'm probably getting hung on a common error.


      Thanks to anyone who knows for sharing what the source of the problem is and how to fix.