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    Start up script not working on different machines. CS5

    Gonterman1201 Level 1

      I have a start up script that changes the appearance of black in the preferences. It always worked in CS4 but failed in CS5. Then I versioned it and I got it to work on my machine in CS5. However when I tried using it on different machines I recieved and error that it could not find the object. Here is the script. I am stumped on this.


      #targetengine "session"

      app.scriptPreferences.version = 5.0;


      function main(){

          var myEventListener = app.addEventListener("afterOpen", opaqueBlack, false);




      function opaqueBlack(myEvent){

          var myDocument = myEvent.parent;

          //var myDocument=app.activeDocument;

      myDocument.documentPreferences.overprintBlack= false;