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    No Flash on any browser (Mac)

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      although I have seen I am not alone with this problem, I would like to start a new thread to show, what I have tried so far to solve it. Since I upraded the Flash-plugin to version, flash-sites, -movies and similar content doesn't work on any browser (YouTube, embedded Facebook clips, or even any of those tiny control panels you can find everywhere on Mozilla or Adobe sites to check if Flash's working).


      Flash is dead. Everywhere.


      I use Firefox 7.0.1 and Safari 5.1.1 on a MBP with Mac OS X 10.6.8. Now here is what I have tried since I thought, the problem might not be the new plugin itself but my system software or something...:


      - uninstalled the actual plugin and installed the latest version again; I did this at least 3 times I guess


      to make sure that there is no older oder broken plugin I...

      - started the computer in the save mode with pressed "shift" key

      - controlled and repaired the acess rights with the "hard drive service program" (don't know if that's the right name in Englisch, in German it is the "Festplattendienstprogramm"

      - cleared all cashes (manually in the libraries and with the help of ONYX; did this even twice)

      - cleared the trash several times with "alt" key


      - restarted the computer with "apple+alt+P+R" keys


      - searched for older plugin version but always installed the latest version (it is still


      - searched manually via "about:config" via Firefox for older plugin-versions but there was none. Only deleted a Shockwave plugin, which was listed under "Flash Plugins" but this didn't change a thing.


      After nothing of these steps worked I finally found this forum. Whether system software nor browser software seem to be wrong - so it must be the plugin. I hope you guys will solve the problem soon. If anyone of you has a new I idea I haven't heard of so far, I'd be happy to read it...


      Thanks in advance,