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    Adobe Reader X - Adobe Export PDF


      I've been trying today to get subscribed to Adobe Export PDF, but since I live in France, it doesn't seem to be available for purchase.  I found a page in French where I was invited to subscribe, but it took me to the French Adobe Store, where this item does not seem to exist.


      However, I did reach a page where I was invited to try it out, which I did with a PDF page, really wanting to transfer it into a .csv file, but tried Microsoft Excel as the nearest available.  However, when it had tried to process this PDF file, I got the message that the security on the PDF document was such that I couldn't export anything from it.  I checked the security on the document and found, surprise, surprise, that yes, I couldn't export from it (or much else either). 


      So, is Adobe Export PDF supposed to override the security on the original documents, or do I have to have another (paid for) version of Adobe in order to use this facility?


      If it is supposed to override the security, how can I purchase, or otherwise access Export PDF in France?


      If the security settings continue to prevent any access, do I have to go to the original provider of the document to get them to change the security settings?


      Any help would be gratefully received.


      Perhaps someone can get on to Adobe in France to ask them to make their pages more logical?  i;e. don't invite people to buy something which apparently is not on sale here.  If it is, then please make it available on the store page.