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    Search/filter datagrid with webservice


      I've been trying to create a search text input for my datagrid that is populated with a webservice. I've tried a few different ways like the filter function but not having much luck. Was wondering if this is even possible to do with a webservice? Here's an example of my code.



           <s:Webservice id="websvc"




                <mx:operation name="GetDataSet"







      import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

      import mx.controls.Alert;

      import mx.events.CloseEvent;

      import mx.events.DataGridEvent;

      import mx.rpc.events.FaultEvent;

      import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;



      public var dataArray:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();

      private var firstTime:Boolean = true;





      private function initApp():void


      // Initialize and load the web service







      * Result event handler for websvc GetDataSetHandler call


      private function GetDataSetHandler(e:ResultEvent):void


      // Populate dataArray with dataset table

      dataArray = e.result.Tables.sl_Work_Orders.Rows;




      *Fault event handler for websvc WebService call


      private function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void


      Alert.show(event.fault.message, "Application Error");






      ///if the textbox is empty, it then calls back all of the data. I actually use a 'reset' button to do this as well.


      private function filter():void


      dataArray.filterFunction = filterdataArray;





      private function filterdataArray(item:Object):Boolean{

      var searchString:String = myTextInput.text.toUpperCase();

      var itemName:String = (item.Complaint_Type as String).toUpperCase();

      return itemName.indexOf(searchString) > -1;



      private function clearMyTextInput():void {


      if (firstTime == true )


      myTextInput.text = "";

      firstTime = false;






      <s:TextInput id="myTextInput" width="100%" height="26" change="filter()" enabled="true" focusIn="clearMyTextInput()" text="Filter/Search.."/>


      The error I get when trying to search is -  TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.